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At the present time, customer data is the gold of tomorrow. Big Data is about a large amount of structured and unstructured data that floods businesses on a daily basis. This vast amount of data can be analyzed with smart data to gain insights. On the basis of this, better decisions can be made, such as the development of a new business model in order to tie customers to the company for longer.

So big data is a kind of raw material, which has to be processed, so that it can be refined into smart data and develop its entire economic potential. Only through intelligent processing does big data become smart data.

The benefits of big data and smart data are the cost reduction of eliminating unnecessary processes, saving time and thus a clear focus on the important business. It also supports big data and smart data in the development of new products and optimized offerings for the end customer, as well as an overall future-oriented strategy in which smarter business decisions are made.

Big data, as well as smart data, affects businesses in virtually every industry, be it banking, education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing or government.

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