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The idea of ​​IoT (Internet of Things) is the joint networking of machines in the industrial environment, as well as intelligent devices of everyday life. This combination of various objects via the Internet and their networking creates billions of datasets. The whole is an interface between the real and the virtual world. At IoT, the focus is on the user and end user.

The need for IoT experts has grown rapidly in recent times as the IoT platforms have become central. Many of the local industrial companies have already adapted IoT to their business model. The focus is on the so-called "smart devices", small technical devices, which exchange information with each other and independently and fully automatically perform tasks by the connection to the outside with the Internet. Existing processes are analyzed and made more efficient, more comfortable and smarter.

The benefits of simplification, improved decision-making, automated routine work, and accelerated communication create tremendous competitive advantages for companies.

IoT takes the digital transformation to a new level.

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