What is the TechDistrict Community?

In today's emerging world of technology, the business world continues to evolve. With TechDistrict we want to actively shape this change by offering the right recruiting solution for each company. We want to be more than just a community of beautiful offices, we want to build a community where success and innovation are redefined and the competition should not only lead to results but also to the personal success of each member.


What is our goal?

To give startups and established companies the opportunity to have easy access to the best qualified talents. Furthermore, we want to simplify the entire recruitment process for you and reduce it to the minimum. That's why we're building the largest community in Istanbul and the rest of the world.



We believe that remote work is the opportunity to create a truly inclusive community that takes into account the different cultures and talents. We value diversity, respect and equality. At the same time, we know that working in a collective structure allows the software developer to broaden his vision and discover new areas.

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