TechDistrict - your expert for Outstaffing

In Outstaffing, certain tasks are outsourced in a form of "remote employment". The two big advantages of this model are the high cost reduction and the increased flexibility.

Thanks to our pool of IT talents, we can provide you with subject matter experts in a variety of IT areas. For example, if you introduce new software into your organization, our developers can help you with backend development.




How it works

At TechDistrict, we believe in end-to-end service - so our goal is to help you every step of the way and get you started. This gives you more time to focus on the essentials and achieve your goals. The entire process is therefore very simple and targeted.

TechDistrict only needs your requirements for the developer. We search and check the suitable talents and you select the suitable developer (s). As soon as the right candidate is found, we will do everything from a written record to the contract. Then the developer you have selected starts working for you in our office.



Your advantages in Outstaffing through TechDistrict

TechDistrict is a reliable partner based in Switzerland. The subsidiary in Istanbul is managed and controlled by our Swiss partner. We give you a quality promise and offer a high degree of transparency, you have insight into the entire process and can intervene at any time.

The great benefits of cost reduction of up to 70%, as well as the high level of flexibility in hiring software developers with all-round support, are just a few of the many benefits that benefit you directly from TechDistrict.


We can help you find the right employee, contact us and tell us your requirements for the talent of tomorrow.

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