How it works?

In startups, we first analyze the needs and, in a second step, propose the necessary procedure and the necessary talents.


Either certain tasks are outsourced or entire projects. The advantage for the startups lies in the low costs and a faster growth through the additional help of TechDistrict.

Your advantages as a startup through TechDistrict:


  • Lower costs for IT. As a startup, you can benefit directly from this by reducing your monthly software development costs by up to 50% as you do not have to worry about extra infrastructure, insurance, and so on.

  • Access to a huge pool of qualified talents. Another great advantage of TechDistrict is access to a large number of professionals who are difficult or impossible to access locally. Through our partnerships with the local universities, we have access to well-trained talents who can work on your project tomorrow.

  • Time. Our collaboration gives you more time to focus on the essentials and keep you focused on your core business. You no longer have to worry about the recruitment and all the administrative effort in the background, which takes a lot of time.

  • Scalability. You can adapt your company to growing demands and focus on the important things, such as: new projects or customer acquisition and of course the growth of your company.

  • High flexibility. You decide how many developers you need and can increase and decrease your team at any time. With us you have the opportunity to implement a project quickly and easily.

  • Fresh wind. A new employee can judge the whole thing very neutrally from outside and point out unpredictable directions and give the project a boost.

  • Full control and property rights. You have full control over the software development process of your project and the ownership of your code is of course yours.

  • Swiss partner. Our Swiss business partner in Turkey is responsible for quality assurance according to the Swiss standard and is committed to ensuring that you receive an all-inclusive package.

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